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Granit Flakes (Paverscrub) (Copy)



Product Description

Try out our new product, the “Granit” effect (Paverscrub)

We have 3 colors available sold in bags of 1/2 pound bags

Grey  (Grey-black-white)


-Apply any color of Paverpol on base and let dry

Make a Paverplast mix of the same color Paverpol (5 parts Paverpol ) and Paverplast ( 1 part Paverplast)
-Apply it on base
-While it is still wet:
-Sprinkle on mix of scrub  (granit flakes) and Artstone (1 equal part of each)
Press this mixture well into wet Paverpol
-Rub off powder excess ( dont rub too strongly, because the coat is not dry yet, you can also wait 10 min) 

Truc/tip:  Crush the granit flakes prior to adding them to the Artstone powder (in a plastic bag with your hands), this will make them smaller. For an adquate result the quantity of the flakes should be equal as the quantity of the Artstone but it is your choice if you want more or less flakes. 

You can also add a small quantity of Pavercolor of your choice to color the Ganite (scrub) powder, this can be done before pressing the Artstone/granite mix or you can rub it on after, but the best result if when its mixed in before with the flakes and Artstone, have fun with the colors! 😁 , see baby box photo..

Pavercolors mixed in Artstone/scrub mix for letters


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