Metal stands 26cm(10″)


3 metal stands 30cm/10″ high by flat base of  4 x 4 ” width

The stand is 30 cm tall with a base plate of 11  cm x 11 cm. ( 4 1/2 x 4 1/2″)
These stands are made from metal and will rust over time. Paint with an outdoor paint (anti-rust) base before placing outside.
The metal stand is pictured in red; to show the size compared to the other metal stands available in the online store.
The stand is suitable for a wire frame size ‘medium’ (made with 2 x 60 cm and 1 x 40 cm)


26 cm tall 1 standing rod base plate 11 x 11


Product Description

3 metal stands  26cm/10″  high by flat base 10cm x 10 cm (4  x 4 ” )width


Additional Information

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